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I grew up in Ojai, to which most people respond, “Oh yeah?  Where in Ohio?”  Actually, thanks to Easy A, my hometown is now on the map, so to speak.  I went to UCSB, a.k.a. Party School USA, where I didn’t party (my loss) and where I earned a degree in Dramatic Art. 


While following a "sensible" career path, I've kept up with my training over the years at top schools like Acme Comedy Theatre, The Groundlings and The Actors Company Theatre.  

And it was through The Actors Company that I found myself co-writing, producing, directing and starring in my first web series, Zen Rage.

My series debut garnered me several awards, including Best First Time Director from Festigious International Film Competition.

In between my original projects, I've taken several part in several stage productions.  My first big role, as Lurlene in Daddy’s Dyin,’ gained me a nomination to participate in the Irene Ryan Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.  More recently, I earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actress from the BroadwayWord Regional Awards for my performance as Mrs Rogers in the Morgan Wixson’s production of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. 

My latest baby is Mercredi’s Monde, a web series about the world’s first and only Professional Corpse!  So far, Mercredi has earned awards from Accolade Global Film Competition, Best Shorts Competition and IndieFest Film Awards.

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